50 Years of Regret

My article on Seven Depressions yesterday brought an old friend back in touch who shared with me that he has been suffering from depression most of his adult life.  He appreciated the bluntness of the post that depressed people are sort of stuck in their lives traveling from one medication to another looking for the right mix of meds to help them build a bridge to start feeling average again.  Some never feel better.  Nobody finds a cure.

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John Mayer and a lot of Hoodoo about Nothing to Undo

I have always believed we must live our lives and make decisions based on insufficient evidence we have in hand and then live with the consequences of those uninformed responses.  I do not believe in regret.  Regret is poison.  Regret is emotional and intellectual suicide that decays the body from within.  Reflecting on a reflexive life is different than regret.  We must reflect in order to know what not to do in the future.

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Feeling the Needle and the Damage Done

For the most part, when a musician/band sets out to record an album, there is much deliberation involved as to what songs are going to go onto the album. Do they write songs for the album or do they put together songs that they have been performing live and just have not yet recorded in a studio setting? I have been listening to Neil Young‘s masterpiece of an album Harvest quite a lot recently and the question of how songs came into place comes up for me — specifically when I hear the song The Needle and the Damage Done.

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No Regrets Except for One

I do not believe in regret.  We live our lives.  We make decisions.  We must live with the decisions we make because we cannot travel back in time to make amends for bad behavior or mulligan immoral responses to moral conditions.

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Paroled on Mercy and Faith

The other day I was watching a Parole Board Review show on television where we, as viewers, were taken inside a parole hearing for inmates at a New Jersey state prison.

As I sat there and watched the inmates interact with the parole board I wondered why the inmates weren’t more reverent and respectful to the men sitting in judgment of them.

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The Definition of Bad Taste

One of the worst feelings is when you do someone a favor — like getting them a paying gig — and they then betray you by complaining on their blog about the very work you got them.

That sort of behavior is: The Definition of Bad Taste.

If you don’t like the job or appreciate the favor, that’s fine, but keep it to yourself. 

No one wants to read about ungrateful complaining on a public blog. 

Whine to your friends and bad-mouth — if you must — those who do you favors… out of earshot and eyeshot!

A former beloved professor of mine in graduate school was found of saying this about that sort of betrayer:  “I will do nothing to hurt you; but I will also do nothing to help you.”

Commenter Regret: Why We Cannot Care

Urban Semiotic has been around in some form for over three years. We’ve been hosted here on WordPress.com since the end of October 2006 and we’re loving it. There is, however, something we do not love — and will never love — when it comes to publishing this blog: Commenter Regret. That regret rears its selfish head when people ask — hours, days, weeks, years later — to have Comments they wrote here removed from public view.

Commenter Regret

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