Obey Your Children

There are times when children are right and parents are wrong.  We’re so often trained to think that children know nothing when they actually know quite a lot when it comes to their thoughts and feelings.  It’s just too easy for parents to overrule their children just because they “say so” and because they’re older and taller and heavier than the kids below them.  Sometimes parents need to obey their children.

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The New Rude Millennials

The “Rude Mechanicals” play a major role in Shakespeare’s beloved A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

I think we’re on pretty safe ground in saying that the only purpose the Rude Mechanicals serve is a comedic one. The question is what kind of humour is being elicited, and is it possible for us to ‘get’ all of the comedy of the play today?

Well, some of it’s plain and ageless enough: Their repeated oxymorons, “most lamentable comedy”; Bottom’s diva-like behaviour, “That will ask some tears in the true performing of it”; and the complete hash that is the product of their attempts at amateur dramatics.

Today, I argue we have a whole new class of “Rude Mechanicals” in real society — but they’re Millennials, not Mechanicals — and they’re new, and rude, and play the same role in the drama of our lives as the Shakespearean mechs before them.

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My Almost Mom (For Ann)

by Nancy McDaniel

Not my mother
Nor my stepmother
Nor even an official godmother
But my “almost mom”
Who has loved me for over 60 years
I’m an “almost sister” to her two sons
For those same 60 years.

Maybe better than a “real” mom
Because we are first of all friends
I can talk to her more honestly and openly
Than I could to any of my “other” moms

Laughing over silly mistakes
That we each make
Or things we both forget
Helping each other with projects
Reminiscing about old recipes, old parties
And funny stories from 50 years ago:

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The Vanishing Stigma of Earning Degrees Online

My best friend and his wife visited me last weekend and, while catching up, he told me about how well things were going for him since getting his Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh — online. I met him while we were both at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and he went on to get a Master’s degree from Columbia University — both fully in person, mind you. I was quite impressed with his accomplishment and how the perception of online universities has changed in the last decade. It brought to mind a conversation I once had with an associate that told me that online universities would never be taken seriously by employers — my best friend would beg to differ as he has a job that required the Library Science degree and they took his degree just as seriously as one the University of Pittsburgh would have awarded to a person who had attended all of their classes in person.

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The Ridiculous Critique of President Obama's Slow Jam

One of my favorite parts of the late night talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a segment that is called, “Slow Jam the News.” During this segment, Jimmy talk / sings the news while the house band (The Roots) plays an excellent backing melody. I have to say that if I am going to hear that the economy is in turmoil, I would rather hear about it while it is being slow jammed.

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Pretending to be the Police Will Not Get You Out of Trouble

On the television and in movies, the police are not always shown to be the most competent people around. They pine for donuts and can easily be confused when they confront criminals, leading to said criminals getting away. After watching the Police Academy movie series, in which the police were depicted to be nearly entirely incompetent (and yet surprisingly successful when there was a need) I reached the conclusion that the police should not be taken seriously. Fortunately, I have had a good life of positive and less than positive experiences with the real police to know exactly how serious they are.

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Watching Thomas and Friends with Chaim

My name is Gordon Davidescu, and I watch Thomas and Friends with my fifteen month old son Chaim Yosef. This is our story.

It all started when he was six months old and my wife happened to notice that Thomas was being suggested to her on Netflix. She put it on and observed that he did not seem to care at all. They went back to watching the extremely creative and joyful Yo Gabba Gabba.

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