One of my favorite parts of the late night talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a segment that is called, “Slow Jam the News.” During this segment, Jimmy talk / sings the news while the house band (The Roots) plays an excellent backing melody. I have to say that if I am going to hear that the economy is in turmoil, I would rather hear about it while it is being slow jammed.

Much to my surprise, one of the biggest news events of the last events (the problem with student loans and their interest rate possibly going up drastically) was slow jammed by none other than one of the principal players involved in keeping the student loans affordable — the President of the United States. The roof of Rockefeller might have just about blown off from the applause that hit the stage after Jimmy announced that there was going to be a special guest and the President walked out.

By the next day, there were so many people talking about how terrific it was that we have a President that talks to The People, as it were, in such a modest manner. Then again, there were also a fair share of haters including (predictably) Fox News, which referred to the President’s appearance as lowering the status of the office and to use their word, nutso. I believe that more nutso than slow jamming actual news is lying and trying to falsify the news — over and over again.

If anything, I think that it is fantastic that we have a sitting President that makes appearances on shows such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and communicates directly with the concerned citizens rather than through intermediary messengers. I feel that it shows that the President actually cares enough about the people in this country to look them directly in the eye without hiding behind cameras and Secret Service people and the Vice President (not meant to refer to any past president, of course) and to assure them of the meaning behind what he is trying to do in this country.


  1. It was odd to see such a negative reaction from The Right — to such a great and warm President doing his thing to connect with us in a real and genuine way. We need more of that from our leaders, not less!

    1. Most certainly, David. I think it comes down to opposing anything the President does, even if they would ordinarily agree with it. If he stated that capitalism was the best thing since sliced bread, they would denounce that as well!

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