Alert to All Stations From U.S. Marshall, Florida

[Publisher’s Note:  The last Marshall Jamison poem we published here in Boles Blogs was — Paul’s Wife — on June 15, 2000.  Marshall died  September 2, 2003 at the age of 85.  We still massively miss him.  Boles Blogs author Steve Gaines — who worked with Marshall in educational television in Nebraska — recently found the following poem Marshall wrote to celebrate Steve’s retirement from the network.  Steve was kind enough to email us Marshall’s original, handwritten, poem — which we are overjoyed to present to you today:  The first new Marshall Jamison poem published here in 13 years; and a decade after his death.]

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Forcing Early Retirement: 62 and You Are Out the Door!

Here’s a current scenario that is happening all too often to way too many of my friends and family and hundreds of thousands of strangers across our great Homeland.

You are a loyal and longtime worker.  You’ve been with the company for over 20 years.  You’re called into the office a year before your 62nd birthday and told you have two Hobson’s Choices:  “Sign this paper saying you will retire the day you turn 62 or get fired today and lose your health insurance and go on unemployment.  The decision is all yours!”  Of course, these “new firees” are terrified and stunned and only hear, “You’re fat and ugly and stupid and smelly and we’re through with you, now get out!”

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How to Ruin Your Retirement

We live in a day-to-day economy.  Lots of people are surviving paycheck-to-paycheck and paying more for healthcare costs or dealing with impending furloughs.  The lack of money can send an entire family into a depressive spiral from which it is almost impossible to recover.  Few young people are interested in saving today for their retirement tomorrow because they worry about being able to eat tonight.  Even middle age folk have a tough time tucking away some money for when they are no longer willing or able to work.

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Helen Thomas is Betrayed by her Bigotry

89-year old Helen Thomas put her silver pen in her mouth and choked her career to death by claiming, on camera, that the Jews should get out of Palestine and go back to Poland and Germany.

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Death of a Slave as the New American Dream

Is this beautiful rendering of a “Death of a Slave” an erotic meeting of impermanence and inevitability — or is it more a cold, moral homily, against the wages of living a sacred life?

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The Retirement Trend Toward Colder Climates

Forget Florida and Arizona as the final destination of carefree living for retirees.

Over the next generation, Colorado and Minnesota will become the new safe-haven for those wishing to spend their Golden Years in comfort as Global Warming trends continue to suffocate and fry us.

No one will want to face the steaming oceans or the baking desert in the coming perpetual heat wave.

We will instead seek out the solace of the cold and the soothing of the snow in order to preserve our burning bodies and to calm our boiling minds.

Why We Should Care: Baby Boomers are Retiring

by Andrea Puckett

When I was a child, I never really thought about what the world would be like when my parents, baby boomers, either retired or needed extra medical attention. However, a few months ago, these were two issues that I was confronted with.

My father was born in 1946 at the peak of the baby boomer generation. He has always been my pillar of strength both physically and emotionally but in November he fell down a mountain and that fall would change our world forever. He was out deer hunting, something that he has done every deer hunting season since his childhood, and got his foot tangled in a tree root and fell down the mountain. He broke several vertebrae and was hospitalized for four weeks. Without warning, my pillar of strength was broken. Laying in the hospital waiting to have surgery was one of the first times in all of his 59 years that he had time to reflect and actually think about what it was like to get older.

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