89-year old Helen Thomas put her silver pen in her mouth and choked her career to death by claiming, on camera, that the Jews should get out of Palestine and go back to Poland and Germany.

Within those few, recorded, moments of lapsed cogency and everlasting bad taste — Ms. Thomas was forced by public outcry to give up her historic position as the grandam of the active White House Press Corps — but her resignation immediately read in the public eye as a feint attempt to brush off the blowback that has been incinerating her ever since she first spoke.

Here’s the video evidence against her:

Helen Thomas had a long career in Washington, D.C. — but there is always a time for each of us to go and let others replace us — and if we overstay our place, we will be forcibly escorted out.

Why did Helen stay so long?  Did she think she still had relevancy?  Was it just Old Age Hubris that made her think she was untouchable?

Helen might have had some interesting thoughts to share on the divisions in the Middle East — but to make such rancorous statements to a rabbi during an informal chat on video — is just irresponsible and sad.

Can Helen Thomas recover her reputation?  Or did she finish her end?


  1. What a horrible way to go out. I’m glad you wrote about it, David, because I am so full of anger that she said these hateful words. I had nothing but respect for her — she started with Kennedy and she finished with Obama but could have gone out so much better.

  2. We only knew the public Helen, it seemed. The private, “on video” Helen appears to be quite a comfortable hater. She laughs at her own ridiculous mandates.

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