Let's Go Eat The Factory Review

When I was growing up, my brother listened to a lot of different sorts of music and over the years I was fairly limited in my own taste. For awhile, I was only interested in classical music and then I had a year of listening to classical music. Meanwhile, my brother continued to enjoy a variety of music and tried to get me into it — he would play me songs and for a few years would make the most excellent mix tapes decorated with artwork he put together.

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Elementary Education: Amway or My Way

Education is invaluable, and when opportunities for expansion and cohesion are negated, everyone suffers.  I am reminded of such a situation from many years ago in elementary school that I have now dubbed — “Amway or My Way” — and I will share that recollection with you now.

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Did Gibson.com Get Punked by the Onion?

Did Gibson.com just get punked by the Onion?  Or are Gibson punking us with misleading rumors they are positing as the truth?  Here’s a screenshot of the Gibson.com Lifestyle page where they tell us today that Led Zeppelin are getting ready to reunite — according to a Robert Plant interview in The Onion.

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45th High School Reunion

by Steve Gaines

part I – The contemplation of an event

somehow, somewhere over the distant hill of time
four and a half decades have fallen off the calendar
forty-five years!
that cute crowd of nineteen fifty-four is about to resurface
painted in all the white hair, spreading waist lines, hip replacements,
tummy tucks
you name it, all the curios of aging worn like their new uniforms
a curious crowd of sixty something
relics celebrating the passage of time
about to come together to tell lies and remember a distant past that
never was

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