Obey Your Children

There are times when children are right and parents are wrong.  We’re so often trained to think that children know nothing when they actually know quite a lot when it comes to their thoughts and feelings.  It’s just too easy for parents to overrule their children just because they “say so” and because they’re older and taller and heavier than the kids below them.  Sometimes parents need to obey their children.

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The Transcendental Youth Review

For the last twenty years, John Darnielle has been entertaining and enthralling the world with his profoundly thoughtful lyrics and soulful singing and musical stylings. One of my former coworkers told me that all this would surely end once he had a child and he was quite disappointed last year when I mentioned that Darnielle and his wife had been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I am here to let you know that his concerns were unfounded because there’s a new Mountain Goats record and it has really shattered all of my expectations.

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The Circuital Review

When a friend recommends an album for listening and you have a hard time getting into the album, it’s easy to put the album away and think to yourself that you will just listen to the album later. When one of my coworkers recommended that I listen to and review the new album by My Morning Jacket, I committed to it completely before I had even heard a song on the album. Once I had decided to write the review, I had written the check — but could I cash it?

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Bored by the Blues: Joe Bonamassa's Black Country Communion Sin

Let me start off this review of the first Black Country Communion album released two days ago by saying I am a big Joe Bonamassa fan — now, we all confess Joe needs to lose the too-tight Preacherman suit and drop the sunglasses in performance — but he is an established and wildly important modern Blues Guitarist.  Joe isn’t a great singer, but he makes a fretboard wail with a caustic vibration.  Joe’s latest concoction is this Black Country Communion “SuperGroup” he formed — and it is an utter, and vast, failure.

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Lick Me Up, Lick Me Down, Lick Me Outside

I love Licks!  Learning licks is a great way to quickly feel confident learning the guitar.  There are all sorts of Licks book available, but the best one for a beginner is — “Hal Leonard’s Lead Licks” — because that book will give you 220 Licks and five playing styles and a CD to help you study.

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Going Tines-Up: The Immigrants Among Us

I find it horrifically fascinating that we, The United States of America
— a nation born of immigrants — and yet, when the same immigrants
reach out to our shores and cross our borders searching for a better
life of well-being, we shun them as cravenly as the Original
Native American Founding Fathers
shunned us with guns and defense
lines.  Arizona should be ashamed of its Racist immigration policy that
only damages and harms and does nobody any good.

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Classic Ernie Ball Rock N Roll Super Slinky Review

We have reviewed a lot of guitar strings on Boles Blues — all in the search for just the right tone and ringing sound.  Today, I am delighted to share with you a gargantuan find in my quest for strings satisfaction:  Classic Ernie Ball Rock N Roll Super Slinky custom gauge strings with a pure nickel wrap.

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