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Chris Rock's Bad Hair Day

Comedian Chris Rock is having a Bad Hair Day. His new movie, “Good Hair” is twisting in the wind under the accusation that he stole the idea for his movie from another movie.

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A Bob Dylan Christmas

Our beloved Bob Dylan is releasing his first Christmas album on October 13, 2009.  Bob is our rock, our touchstone, and the magical mind that took folk music from acoustic and into the wired sound of really rolling rock.

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Rock Band and Guitar Hero Incompatibility

When I wandered into Toys ‘R’ Us on Monday evening this week I had no idea what kind of controversy I would eventually find. I thought it was just going to be a normal leisure stroll through the giant toy store. Of course, I was sorely mistaken and it ended up being a lot more upsetting than it should have been.

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Rock Star: INXS Review

I am a reality show junkie and while I may not like all the shows, I do enjoy watching most of them for the human spirit on display each week.
One show that is quickly going into the dumper is CBS’ Rock Star: INXS because the show is set up all wrong making for uninteresting viewing:

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Paul Anka Rock Swings Review

I am not a Paul Anka fan. I am not a Swing fan. I do like Rock. When I saw Paul Anka’s new Rock Swings CD, I was ready for something awful and treacly. I was kindly surprised to find an album more innovative and infectious than disappointing.

It’s My Life
This is the first song on the album and it rocks and swings at the same time. Anka brings a tough-guy swagger to this Bon Jovi classic. The trumpets scream. Anka screams. We all scream together! Listen to this song with headphones cranked all the way up so you can enjoy the punch and sophistication of the incredible orchestration. Anka sings with an infectious smile!

This cover of the Spandau Ballet original feels a little muddy. Anka saves it with his clear voice and funky interpretation of the lyric but we expect more here from a smoky orchestration that leaves ashes, not inspiration, behind.

Eye of the Tiger
This song was a dud when it was originally released and Anka’s Fifties creeping-stylization is lukewarm and rather odd.

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Phish Finish

Only a few days ago, in Coventry, VT, Phish played their last show ever. A few days before that, I saw them for the last time, in Camden, NJ. After nine long years, it was time to say goodbye to Phish.

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