Approaching Venice

We were on a mission — to get the real flavor of Venice in an afternoon. If we liked what we saw, we would come back and spend more time exploring.

Venice has an undeniable reputation for being one of the “must see” cities in Europe — the famous floating city — or the famous sinking city — or should that be stinking? It is a city of water and of gondolas, rich in history and culture and once the trading center of Europe.

Our ferry took us along the north coast of Venice and around to San Marcos, past all the canal outlets and gave us a good view of what Venice was like behind the scenes. Once again we got reasonable seats on the ferry and I was able to take photographs out of the side windows as we motored past. I was surprised to see that there was room for greenery on the main island — this canal looked particularly shady and inviting.

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Hotel Villa Marcello Giustinian: Rest Days

During the day long drive back to Italy and to Venice we discussed the big question — should we relax and wind down for a couple of days or should we tackle Venice?

We were still not sure quite what we would do when we approached Venice and its well known fragrance assailed our senses — that was not a pleasant smell.  We had been warned about this olfactory assault  in advance — but to experience it full on was quite nauseating.

This did not lessen as we approached our destination for the next two nights — the rather grandly named Hotel Villa Marcello Giustinian.  After checking in and talking to some other guests it was clear that at this time the hotel was downwind of Venice itself and Venice was the place to be.

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