During the day long drive back to Italy and to Venice we discussed the big question — should we relax and wind down for a couple of days or should we tackle Venice?

We were still not sure quite what we would do when we approached Venice and its well known fragrance assailed our senses — that was not a pleasant smell.  We had been warned about this olfactory assault  in advance — but to experience it full on was quite nauseating.

This did not lessen as we approached our destination for the next two nights — the rather grandly named Hotel Villa Marcello Giustinian.  After checking in and talking to some other guests it was clear that at this time the hotel was downwind of Venice itself and Venice was the place to be.

“Villa Marcello Giustinian was built in 1600 and belonged to the Venetian noble families and Marcello Giustiniani. Classified historic mansion in 1979 was transformed into a prestigious hotel with the classification of “four stars.” Recently it was last renovation which has equipped the site of modern technology to meet the desires of the most demanding customers.

The park of 40,000 square meters, by the famous French architect of the ‘700 De Pestes, is the ideal place for those looking for an oasis of tranquility in nature still be able to reach Venice. “

More details can be found here  — my camera did not do it justice and the publicity photographs show it in its best light rather then the slighted jaded and tired atmosphere it exudes now.  I am not sure if the estate has fallen on hard times , but the whole operation seems to be slightly off kilter. There is no doubt it was once a magnificent and luxurious villa of some importance — I hope they manage to recapture that.

One thing to note — was was the first time, and probably the last — that I have slept in a padded room.  The wallpaper was made of luxurious fabric.

Once installed in the hotel, we decided we would visit Venice  — we may never come this close again.  We decide to do this on Sunday as opposed to the Saturday — we needed a day to do our research and to rest — the last week had been pretty manic.

We did nothing much on Saturday except rest and plan — and go to the local supermarket to stock up on picnic/snack foods so we did not need to go out anywhere afterwards.   I was also bought a hat  — Mr P decided that if we were going to assault Venice — I needed a hat!  Apparently, English women should always wear hats when in Venice!

We also planned. A very cunning plan it was, too.

We would return the hire car to the airport parking — therefore avoiding paying ANY parking charges anywhere for the day.

We would then go to the ferry ticket office for one of the smaller private ferry companies that operate between the airport and Venice itself. We would purchase a day ticket from them for 18 euros each.  Yes they are that close!

We would take the 10.00 am Alilaguna Linea Rossa ferry to Murano Museum.

We would take the 1.30 or 2.00 Alilaguna Linea Rossa ferry to Murano Museum to San Marcos.

We would then take a slow walk around to San Maria del Giglio and take the Alilaguna Linea Arancio up the Grand Canal to the Airport with a last possible departure of 16.48.

This would allow us to see Murano, the glass island,  San Marcos and the Grand Canal — it would give us an excellent flavor of Venice.

List made of lines and times and stops, alarm clocks set — yes two of them just in case, pre-checked out, hat at the ready — nothing could go wrong!

Or could it ?


  1. I had no idea Venice was stinky. Where is the smell coming from? Lack of a proper sewage pipe system?

    What sort of hat was purchased for you? Love the idea of you racing around in a new hat! SMILE!

    1. Stagnant water and heat plus any sewage that leaks – it is particularly bad in the summer months. On the day itself in Venice it was not so noticeable because the wind was blowing the smell elsewhere.

      The hat is revealed tomorrow – you will have to wait !

      1. Ah! That makes sense. Is Venice still sinking? Or is it drowning? Have they fixed the water problem yet?

        Oh! Waiting for Hat Day! I feel so irresolute! SMILE!

    1. Yes, keep your secrets and surprises for revealing! SMILE!

      Thanks for the Venice link. It’s so sad such a great city is slowly disappearing.

      1. It is a real shame – it is the usual tourist/ preservation dilemma – they need the money to fund the projects – the sales tax in Murano is 40 % at the moment ! The trouble is all the traffic is by water and its water movement that is causing the damage.

        1. 40% yikes!

          Ah! The movement of the water and the tectonic plates in motion, too, makes for a dangerous city cocktail. What shame. Too bad they can’t drain Venice and start all over. SMILE!

  2. I hoping to do a little research and find drawings/representations of what it was like historically – I really would like to know quite how it is and why it is and include some of that .

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