Li Wei Defies

Artist Li Wei defies gravity in sculpted set ups of inhuman positions in space that redefine the memeing of the craft of the body in situ:

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Earth Day in Biosphere 2

In the perfect human blending of science and art, Biosphere 2 will celebrate Earth Day by joyously identifying the intrinsic need for aesthetic to be embedded in analysis.

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What to Do With a Naked Chocolate Jesus?

It was announced last Friday the Naked Chocolate Jesus art exhibit was cancelled due to protests from the Catholic Church. I was surprised at the church’s revulsion with Jesus in any art form. You can already buy chocolate Marys and Jesuses online.

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The Thinker, Sculpturing, & Meditation

by Maria L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Mr. Rodin’s sculpture made me think. You and things made me think. My own sculpture made me think. So let’s think.

It surprises me a lot to observe how cautious and precise we are in selecting the “right words,” at those moments when we are trying to make a point. Do you want a vivid example? This article is one of those examples. Here I am thinking and matching my words because I want to make sense. Do I have an eloquent case? I think so! For instance, I have been pondering for some years about that famous sculpture named The Thinker. Do you recall it? Let me remind you that it was Mr. Rodin, Auguste René, who carved such a magnificent piece of art. At times I wonder the real meaning of the sculpture’s name. Wouldn’t it be better to call it “He Gave Up?” I have some others possible names in mind for that sculpture. Therefore, dear reader get comfortable, take a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. Let us start because I already feel warmed enough to keep going with this article, fingers warmed enough.

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