In the perfect human blending of science and art, Biosphere 2 will celebrate Earth Day by joyously identifying the intrinsic need for aesthetic to be embedded in analysis.

The University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 will combine music and art with science, technology and business at its first Earth Day Festival to be held on the Biosphere 2 campus near Oracle, Ariz., on Saturday, April 11.

The Biosphere 2 celebration “is all about breaking down barriers between science and art, and bridging the gap between the science and the public,” said Biosphere 2 director Travis Huxman.

“We want everyone, young and old, science-inclined or not, to spend a day with us and get a unique look at our natural world,” said Huxman, UA associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. “I hope folks leave with a better understanding of our place on the planet – how we influence our environment and how our environment provides resources that are critical to our society,” he added.

What glorious, creative, logical, thinking!

The University of Arizona proves its moral core is a combining of ethereal forces to give new definition to the human spirit while teaching the mind/body dyad there’s more to the forming of life than just learning and entertainment.


  1. I’m quite fond of the Biosphere. Bringing some art there is a nice addition ūüôā

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