Tell Me a Secret: Ten Sentence Story #158

Brianna walked into the cold classroom shivering beneath her sister’s red hand-me-down gingham dress, freshly pressed white socks and shiny, black, patent leather shoes as a pale man, sitting behind a small desk, looked down at her from above and pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his sloping nose and said, “Tell me a secret, Brianna…” he crossed his arms and finished, “…and then tell me why you’re keeping that secret.”

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I am Going to Not Tell You a Secret

Sometimes you read things you cannot comprehend were actually given life in the giggling light of day.  A recent example of this non-awesomeness happened last month in Trenton, New Jersey when it was decided by the Educational Forces of Evil to no longer force third-graders to reveal a secret and explain why it was important to keep that secret a secret.

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The Secret to Mind Control

I learned the secret of mind control from a colleague of mind at a major university on the East Coast of the United States. 
He used a form of this trick/Jedi Mind-Meld/Instant Hypnosis to get students to listen to him instead of just hearing him during lecture sessions.

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Victoria’s Secret: Sexy or Slutty?

Victoria’s Secret has an image problem.

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Secrets Feats of Amazing Strength!

We all have hidden talents. We all share Secret Feats of Amazing Strength!

There is no shame in quietly revealing your Super Powers.

Today I will share with you three of my most secret — yet most incredible — hidden abilities.
Double Vulcan  Spock has nothing on me.

I am not only able to do the Vulcan hand sign at will with one hand — without using my other hand to evenly spread my fingers — I am able to open and close the Vulcan greeting as ever I wish.

This “Vulcan Scissors Effect” isn’t limited to just my dominant hand.

I can open and close BOTH HANDS in Vulcan greeting at the same time and independently — at will — while others stare at me in awe.

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Lovey's Secret

by Diane Buccheri

I had a little friend. You’ve probably had one too. Unfortunately, life was rough on my friend. First, he was alone in the wide, wide world when very, very young. My neighbor found him and brought him home to take care of him and raise him just because he was so beautiful with shiny white hair and big golden green eyes.

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