Counterattacking the I See You Mannequin with Stealth Wear

Forget the Rise of the Machines — the mannequins are spying on you!  Now, as you shop, you have non-human orbs watching you from afar and evaluating your every move.  Don’t look now, but the empty stares flirting around you are committing you to memory!

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The Rickshaw Small Zero Messenger Bag Review

Based on my history, I think you could say that I have pretty awful luck when it comes to messenger bags. One of my first messenger bags came free of charge with a subscription to a now defunct magazine called Cargo that was meant to be the men’s version of Lucky magazine, a shopping magazine. I honestly got the subscription because it was ten dollars and came with the bag.

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Paying Cash for Online Shopping

For the majority of the history of shopping, the way to get goods was to march your way over to the retailer (or in the case of door to door salesmen, have them march their way to you) and to exchange your cash for their goods. This eventually gave way to checks and even credit cards, which is less of a way to directly pay a merchant than to have an intermediate party pay the merchant on your behalf. All of this was turned on its head when stores began selling their merchandise online and you at no point had to have any interaction with human beings.

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Recognizing Excellent Customer Service

Late last week, Elizabeth sent me a text message that indicated that somehow, one of the covers of our Maclaren stroller wheels just popped right off while she was pushing it and now it was difficult to push it properly. I told her that it was a good thing it was under warranty and that she was not too far from the store where we had purchased it. She reminded me that we needed a receipt for proof of purchase and that receipt was at home. I wondered to myself if it would be worth scanning all receipts and uploading them to Google Documents as PDFs so that one would always have a copy of ones receipts at all times. (I still haven’t implemented that idea though I hope to do so soon, even though I fear a digital copy may not be accepted — naturally just mentioning that I hope to implement it in the future means it may be years before I actually do it!)

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Saying Goodbye to Wal-Mart Greeters

I am rather particular when it comes to a brick and mortar shopping experience. Specifically, I like for someone in the store to acknowledge that I am there and to ask me if they can help me with anything while I am there. This is the case even if I know exactly what I want to buy. I once went into a store, knowing exactly what I wanted to buy and walked around the store looking at things, all the time noticing that the store employee was just standing there doing what looked like absolutely nothing. At no point did he even give me a head nod. I would have happily taken my purchases in a sack or a bag if he had even tried a simple hello, but this was not to be.

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Does Using Coupons Get You Banned from WalMart for Life?

Growing up I used to go to the supermarket with my father just about every week. It was honestly one of the highlights of the week — being able to help my father get good deals on food and things we needed in the home like shampoo and conditioner was a joy. My father had and has a special talent when it comes to collecting coupons and timing their use to maximize their efficiency. There was one trip that really impressed Elizabeth when he had a cart full of goods and watched as the price plummeted down from nearly one hundred dollars to under twenty.

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Guitar Center Does The Right Thing

For the last few months, I have been browsing dozens of web sites, talking to friends and musicians, all in the pursuit of a guitar I could be happy to play — and possibly take onto a stage with me one day. One of my co-workers is a stage musician who has spent countless hours playing different guitars both on and off stage. He told me that I should go for a Gibson Hummingbird if I wanted a guitar that could be my one and only.  I will review the Hummingbird in a future article, but today, I want to tell you about Guitar Center.

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