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Black Friday Dawns into Cyber Monday

First we had Black Friday, and the death that ensued. That just wasn’t enough for retailers, though. They wanted another opportunity to get in some hype and so invented the term “Cyber Monday” for the shopping on the Monday following Black Friday. Business Week emphatically states that all is not as it seems:

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Turning White at Thomas Pink

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Normally, when I am enveloped in a retail experience, I can hardly say
that I am overwhelmed by the service
. I am not all too fearful that
things might go badly, but I do not expect to be overwhelmed either. As
long as the people in sales are moderately awake when I arrive, and
occasionally try to answer questions with more than a grunt, I am

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Single Bagger Theory

If you have a car this probably isn’t an issue for you, but for those of us on the East Coast who have to walk home from the grocery store every day carrying our meal bags of sustenance, unbalanced bagging is a burden one should wish upon no one.

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Addicted to Sanrio

It started off innocently enough. A forty-five cent Pekkle sticker book here, a dollar Pochacco memo pad there. Looking over the growing mass that I now have, I have to wonder how I got here.

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Wal-Mart Improves

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

After so MANY nasty e-mails and almost life threats, FINALLY I have decided to write a second article about Wal-Mart, but this time is to congratulate Wal-Mart rather than diminishing this chain of stores. Please, take note that I’m writing this article because I have considered this time to be appropriate. So this article isn’t an apology to Wal-Mart, and this isn’t an apologetic thought to the Wal-Mart’s employees.

On the contrary, I do believe that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Of course, even freedom of speech has its consequences, and that’s right in a democratic system. In the end, the USA’s primary and strong beliefs has been its independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 1st Amendment of the USA’s Constitution.

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Think Before You Order

by Joyce Kohl

Do you order from catalogs? Or TV specials? Or the Internet? If you do, then are you aware of the shipping and handling costs tacked on to every single order? I’m a catalog junkie, and I’ve been known to order things from the hyped television ads, too. Last night I was watching a great stand-up comedy program on one of our cable channels and at the end of it was a comic commercial for ordering a VCR tape of the best of comic acts. The tape was a mere $14.95. Shipping and handling was $6.50.

Yeah, right!

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