American Horror Story Review

We may not all care for the stylings of the television show Glee. Tonight, however, I would like to introduce you to another show created by the same makers of said Glee that, should you choose to sit down and watch it, will make you wonder how the makers of one show could possibly be the same as the makers of the other. The television show of which I speak is American Horror Story, and even though the season is about to be over, I would like for you to seriously considering going back and watching the whole season any way you can and then watching the season finale when it airs.

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Divorcing the Marriage Ref

The Olympic Gold medal for the worst TV series of 2010 goes to Jerry Seinfeld’s horror of a new show, “The Marriage Ref.”  How did such a cruel and nasty show make it out of production and on broadcast television?

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Leaving Jay Leno

Jay Leno is leaving “The Tonight Show” after hosting it since 1992 and it makes no sense for NBC to dump Jay in favor of the flavorless — and frankly bland and unentertaining — Conan O’Brien.

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How to Kill a Joke: Did You Bring a Towel?

Today I will give you a perfect example of: “How to Kill a Joke.” 

Bring a towel.

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The Shat is Back!

The Shat is back!” — that’s the ABC television promotional slogan for The Shat!William Shatner’s unwatchable new gameshow, Show Me the Money!

Am I the only one offended by that slogan?

I guess the FCC and the ABC censors don’t get the tawdry joke — that is no joke at all — because the show’s on-air promotional material also uses “Shat-Tastic!” and “The Shat Hits the Fans!” and other dreary “Shat-isms” to dirty up the eye and ear of the wanton network viewer.

I wonder if the ridiculous dancers on the show are referred to as “The Shatted” and if the contestants are called “The Shatted Upon?

Shat” — in case you are not aware — is the past and past participle of: “Sh*t.”

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Why I Love Wheel of Fortune

I have loved Wheel of Fortune since it debuted in 1975 with Chuck Woolery as host and Susan Stafford as hostess. Now Pat Sajak and Vanna White serve similar roles.

Wheel of Fortune

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Rock Star: INXS Review

I am a reality show junkie and while I may not like all the shows, I do enjoy watching most of them for the human spirit on display each week.
One show that is quickly going into the dumper is CBS’ Rock Star: INXS because the show is set up all wrong making for uninteresting viewing:

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