Jay Leno is leaving “The Tonight Show” after hosting it since 1992 and it makes no sense for NBC to dump Jay in favor of the flavorless — and frankly bland and unentertaining — Conan O’Brien.

We confess Jay is a terrible host and an awful interviewer, but we’ve come to expect that sort of hapless and haphazard hosting in American late night television.  We like Jay’s good nature and his happy facade.

The reason for Jay’s undoing is that NBC wants to keep and preserve their Crypt Keeper — in the creepy skin of O’Brien — to win back younger viewers.

To cover their bet against O’Brien’s failure, NBC is giving Jay his own show at 10pm five days a week. 

We hope Jay will nab all the big superstars for his show and leave only leftovers for O’Brien and crew to chew on with this craggy jaw and crinkly, humorless, face.


  1. On the other hand, they may just switch over to Jimmy Fallon!

  2. I have to admit that I really hate to see Jay Leno leave the Tonight Show. I have not always agreed with his monologue nor his crude humor when making fun of someone but did find myself drawn to see what happened next. I have never been a consistent viewer but on those sleepless nights he has been a source of entertainment. My favorite portion of his show was “Jay Walking!” It was always guaranteed to bring me to tears from laughing so hard.

  3. That’s right, Kimberley! Jay’s greatest strength is in his human kindness. He’s fun and easy to have in your home. I will certainly miss him and I will never understand why Conan is more valuable than Jay. Ridiculous!

  4. To paraphrase one of the funnier scenes from Pulp Fiction, my girlfriend is a Jimmy Fallon fan which I suppose makes me a Jimmy Fallon fan. I actually happen to find him to be quite amusing. However, i wonder how much it relates to speaking with him in person and how friendly he always was.

  5. I totally agree David! I don’t have any idea why the network chose Conan O’Brien as a replacement for Jay Leno! O’Brien is not even funny! He is actually rude and obnoxious! I can not tolerate to watch more than five minutes of his monologue! If nothing else … he is very talented at being repulsive!
    I dare to say that O’Brien causes “The Tonight Show” ratings to plummet! I guess that time will tell the tale:-)

  6. Exactly, Kimberley and NBC shares the same dismay as us — so in order to be able to “bring back Jay” if Conan bombs, they had to sign him to his own daily show or he would’ve bolted to ABC to replace Jimmy Kimmel.

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