Scribd — the most unpronounceable branding since — wants to encrypt your eBook and sell it for you — and for that favor they’ll take a 20% consignment fee for their role in the life of your book.

Here’s the detail from Scribd’s website:

We don’t know if Scribd will be a marketplace magnet for authors seeking protected publication of their content, but competition for mindshare is always a good thing — but with Scribd around, Amazon’s eBook publishing mandate might be held at bay a bit — and when you have more than one company wanting to sell your books, authors win big for the freedom of their readers.


  1. Is the 20% consignment fee a better deal through Scribd than through Amazon?
    I agree! Scribd is definitely an odd name to give a company. How is Scribd pronounced exactly?

  2. I have no idea how it is pronounced, Kimberley and that’s a big problem! I think Scribd is a better deal than Amazon right now just because they publish in .PDF format and you can read it on any device you have. Amazon is currently limited to the Kindle.