Who is Banksy? Banksy is an urban semiotic enigmaNobody really knows his name or who he is and none of that matters because his urban art speaks in the whole.

Here are some of the images Banksy left behind in the streets and on the walls of New Orleans after the storm:

The ragtag band of musicians are all wearing gas masks.

Were the soldiers sent to save New Orleans saints or sinners?

Rats play a large role in Banksy’s city art.  Some label his work “graffiti” and try to have it erased.

Banksy knows there are human universal truths that cannot be crushed to the ground without them rising again.

If Honest Abe were homeless in New Orleans — would anyone offer him a sandwich?  Or would retaining possession of his stovepipe hat only be a matter of memories living life in the streets?

We need truth tellers and in Banksy — with his necessary anonymity — we are enlightened by his recognition of the brutality of surviving life in the urban core and as we turn away from that confession, we begin to rediscover our repressed morality.

We are Banksy.


  1. if I had any graphic artistic ability, I think I would have turned into a Banksy. He’s genius.

  2. The man’s pseudonym is definitely Banksy.

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