Breaking Banksy: Painting New York City Red… with a Balloon

The great street artist Banksy is in New York City for the month of October and he is leaving his mark tagging the urban core.  We have celebrated the enigmatic work of Banksy and we have always appreciated his mocking of vulgar American institutions.

The arrival of Banksy in New York City has set expectation of Art and commerce in whole new, confrontational, context that confounds the commonplace understanding of what we want to last in society and what was created to simply disappear or be defaced.

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When Banksy Graffiti is Attacked by Graffiti

When a vandal sneaks his or her vicious activity into a museum or art space, we are saddened. A painting may have its surface damaged, or a statue may be chipped or even outright broken. When this happens to an older piece of art it is especially upsetting — it’s not as though we can bring back Leonardo Da Vinci back to properly restore The Last Supper and so other people have to step in when it sustains considerable damage as it did during the second World War.

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Urban Cave Art

We love 37signals, and when we recently discovered a blog post of theirs extolling the new “Modern Cave Drawings” they had “put on their walls” — welp, we were mesmerized by their notion of “Urban Cave Art.”

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Banksy Beats Down the Simpsons

We love Banksy.  He’s an Enigma Artist.  This week, he took on — The Simpsons — to make a political point that the television cartoon is a profiteering entity made rich on the backs of foreign, slave, labor.

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Iconic Political Urban Graffiti

There is a Universal Human Context that can be tapped and empowered by the proper execution of iconic political urban graffiti. Here’s one stunning example that says it all without saying a single word: America is now more about bombing people than lighting the way to lead them to freedom.

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The Banksy Semiotic

Who is Banksy? Banksy is an urban semiotic enigmaNobody really knows his name or who he is and none of that matters because his urban art speaks in the whole.

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