We love Banksy.  He’s an Enigma Artist.  This week, he took on — The Simpsons — to make a political point that the television cartoon is a profiteering entity made rich on the backs of foreign, slave, labor.

Fox didn’t take kindly to the Banksy rebuke, and the satiric, opening Simpsons sequence reimagined by Banksy, was banned from YouTube.  You can still view this latest Banksy masterpiece, as of this writing, on Hulu instead.

The best bashing by Banksy happens when the Simpsons are all seated on the family couch and the camera pulls back to reveal a cartoon sweathouse where the Simpsons animation is produced by hand, and children work with toxic chemicals to preserve the Simpsons animation cells, and beloved pets are chewed up for stuffing in Simpsons dolls, and dolphins are killed for their pink tongues to lick Simpsons packaging boxes and unicorns are forced to use their horns to poke the holes in Simpsons DVDs:

The satire appropriately ends with the 20th Century Fox logo — surrounded by high prison walls and barbed wire:

Oh, how we love our Banksy and his rich sense of human justice and political retribution!

Here’s our favorite Banksy movie of all time — all 60 seconds of it:

We need more Banksy in the world to test our limits and to mete out proper punishments to those in power who recklessly wield their weapons of influence without retribution.

We are Banksy.


  1. I loved that Simpsons opening. It’s always funny when artists bite, so to speak, the hand that feeds them — like “Conspiracy Theory Rock” from Saturday Night Live.

    Banksy is spot on brilliant here as usual.

    1. It’s pretty funny to me that Fox were so outraged they ordered the satire taken down — which only enhances its appeal and importance. I hope Banksy keeps going for a long time. The world needs a lot of tweaking!

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