We love 37signals, and when we recently discovered a blog post of theirs extolling the new “Modern Cave Drawings” they had “put on their walls” — welp, we were mesmerized by their notion of “Urban Cave Art.”

The fantastical work scrawled upon the 37signals walls was done by Nate Otto, and here’s a bio blurp on who he is and what he’s doing with a percolating life:

Who is Nate Otto? He is the man standing behind that painting. He’s the guy who released an album two hours ago. He’s the Nate that is waiting for his Megan to get home from teaching ballet so he can open this bottle of wine. He is the man who is writing about himself in third person. This is his blog. Which Nate is this? He is the guy who went to work today so he could teach people with developmental disabilities. He is not a designer. He is not a budding star. He is an artist, and a teacher. He wants to do more art for people. He is versatile, unpretentious, and easy. Yeah, and he’s good too.

We are crazy fans of Nate!  His artwork is an odd mixture of Keith Haring Meets Banksy Meets Surveillance Art.  Nate does appear to have a few teeth missing and he needs to iron his pants — and when your Jolly Green Giant shoes match your painting — you’ve been put on notice the rest of the world is in for a universe of hurt!

We have mad respect for 37signals for bringing some beauty and orneriness into the workspace.  Our environment should always, continuously, test our values and confirm our virtues.  When we are bound to a chair and tied to an internet connection all day, we sometimes need the unexpected moment of joy art can bring to the eye.

Nate Otto’s art reminds us why we Die Twice in a Lifetime

Is the human need to be remembered in death what drives people to create buildings — giant headstones in the form of monuments — and to create physical things beyond children that will be preserved and protected by those who never knew the person but appreciate the aftereffects of the written work of Art, the musical composition or the stone sculpture?

— and we are grateful for the joy.


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