It started as a Pimp-Sex-Ring that devolved into a sad mishmash of a putrid sting gone rotting.

When a man showed up at eight Planned Parenthood clinics in five states within five days, claiming that he ran an underage sex trafficking ring, Planned Parenthood reported it to the FBI.

They also figured it was probably a “hoax” in which anti-abortion types were trying to catch clinic employees saying something damning on tape.

Planned Parenthood was right.

How do we deal with these deviants and miscreants who fake their lives in order to ruin the welfare of others?

Here’s one, perfect, damning, insight:

These conservative undercover “hoaxes” are best understood as an attempt to make their fantasies real.

In order to make animate the world that they feverishly imagine, they must themselves become the unsavory characters with bad motivations that they enjoy thinking populate these hotbeds of degenerate liberal activity.

How can the devious ever be valiant?

How can deception ever win an intellectual argument of the heart?


  1. What a stab to the heart, David! I wonder if some would say that Stephen Colbert is doing something similar by pretending to be extremely conservative while mocking what they hold dear.

    1. I admit I don’t get Colbert, Gordon. I mean, I “get” him, I just don’t get the point of what he’s doing. It isn’t funny to me.

      I guess I prefer my mocking more straightforward — like what Jon Stewart does every weeknight.

  2. Excellent. Anonymous cowards strike again. If you want to take on Planned Parenthood, then do it straight up under your own name. Win on the value of your argument not on sneakiness.

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