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Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1

It is my delight and joy to let you know my new ASL book with JannaPicture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1 — is now available for purchase from major online booksellers and in your local bookstore!

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Writing Four Books in Five Months

It has been a wild week and I am pleased to announce I will be writing three new books for Thomson/Cengage Publishing.

I recently finished my Google Apps Administrator Guide book for Thomson and we are now doing three more books together.

Two books will be published before the end of 2007 — that means I will have written four books in five months for Thomson and while that is a witty and wacky writing pace, that’s the publishing business: You’re either wanted now — RIGHT NOW! — or you suffer in silence. 

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I Married a WordPunk

Okay, so I have David W. Boles’ WordPunk ™ up and running and Going Great Guns over at TypePad. Now there’s the problem of identity and branding.

I came up with this simple logo. I love logos that look like text but are really images. Here’s the single-line logo:

WordPunk Logo Single Line

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Moving Back to Media Temple From Mosso

UPDATE:  April 23, 2008.  We wanted you to know this Urban Semiotic blog — and all of David W. Boles’ domains and blogs
are now solely hosted by Pair Networks!  We will update this article as circumstances demand and we’ll leave this article online to protect the
chain of understanding.

One of the signs of insanity is doing the same habit of action over and over and over again while expecting a different result each time. This time, however, I think I have broken free of expectation by beating my head against the Grid Sharing Theory of Website Hosting wall one too many times.
After three months of struggling to overcome the limits of Mosso hosting, I decided last night to move back to our old favorite — Media Temple — and my previous Dedicated-Virtual (dv) hosting setup:

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Show Me Your Tongue!

The other day Janna went into one of the local shops in our Jersey City neighborhood to buy some food. Janna is Deaf and she usually chooses not to use her voice with strangers because if you use your voice then you are expected to vocally communicate on both sides of the conversation and that puts her at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding what is being spoken by a large immigrant population with many accents and unique vocalizations that are impossible to always comprehend and interpret.

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A Broken Promise Under the Golden Arches

When I was a boy of 13 and a new student at a junior high school, I met a girl my age named Amy. She had the body of a woman, fully shaped and ripe with a juicy sexuality that flowed from her pores and her glinting, tawny, eyes — but she was still a girl in spirit and mind.

She was voluptuous, but didn’t yet know it. Amy told me I reminded her of her father — I wasn’t sure if that was an insult or a compliment. She was popular. Boys older than her hovered around her like flies seeking a sweet landing. She spoke to me infrequently, though I often admired her from afar with my first schoolyard crush.

Amy was good in math. At that time, in the red Republican Midwest, females were not encouraged by their families to seek non-traditional paths in school or out of school, so when a girl showed amazing analytical promise in math and the sciences, she was fast-tracked by the school system to deepen her interest and her ability to fully exploit all of her intellectual talents. Amy was leading the school in spirit, heart and mind.

Then she disappeared.

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