How Technology Creeps into Everyday Existence to Become Ubiquitous

Let’s roll back our minds a decade to a time when people were not constantly on their smartphones.  Facebook isn’t in our everyday lives for another two years and Twitter will hatch a year after that in 2006.

Smartphones aren’t even called smartphones — they’re just dumb “cellular phones” that do rudimentary text messages without multimedia attachments like images and video.

That barren time in technology was still a difficult one of wide, generational, gaps when it came to the rapid, everyday, adoption of technology.

Those of us who grew up on payphones and single-line telephones in the home, were often put off, and perhaps, even offended by the younger among us who insisted that their cellphones were not just extensions of communication, but a very connectoid of being human.

When I was teaching at a major technical university on the East Coast way back when, I implored my students to not just put their phones on vibrate — at that time in the technological evolution, the vibration of the mechanism in the phone was just as loud as a ringtone — but to actually turn off their phones during the few times other students were giving a formal, graded, presentation in class.

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Treo 650 PowerTools

Here are a few incredible PowerTools for use with your new Treo 650 SmartPhone. iNoah – This is the wireless version of ArsLexis’ fine dictionary. Instead of being limited to 100,000 words on your SD card you can now, wirelessly, look up nearly 150,000 words from your Treo 650 without having to give up megabytes of SD storage because all the words are stored on a web server beyond you.

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Treo 650 SmartPhone Review

The Treo 650 is a SmartPhone from Sprint PCS and palmOne. After 15 years of cellular service from Verizon, I moved to Sprint PCS just to get the Treo 650. I was surprised to find Sprint PCS is a much more robust and user-friendly cellular service provider than Verizon. The Sprint network, at least in New York City and northern New Jersey, is excellent and strong and I can finally use my cellphone in my basement.

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