Here are a few incredible PowerTools for use with your new Treo 650 SmartPhone. iNoah – This is the wireless version of ArsLexis’ fine dictionary. Instead of being limited to 100,000 words on your SD card you can now, wirelessly, look up nearly 150,000 words from your Treo 650 without having to give up megabytes of SD storage because all the words are stored on a web server beyond you.

The wireless connection with the ArsLexis servers is fast. The dictionary query returns are almost instantaneous. This is a must-have, must-win program. There is no ongoing subscription fee for this service. iPedia – This new product from ArsLexis is a wireless encyclopedia that also provides fast returns on research queries. Wikipedia is the online resource the program pulls back for results on your Treo 650.

The information and deeper hotlinks returned with your original search are impressive. Imagine being on the road and someone wants to know when Jacob Riis was born or where Michel Foucault studied. Whip out the Treo 650, fire up iPedia and in 11 seconds you wirelessly have the answer both questions. With over 440,000 articles available for reading — and that list grows every day — one can see how community knowledge and expertise benefits everyone.

There is no ongoing subscription fee for this service. One final vital product you need is BackupMan. This program will automatically backup your entire Treo 650 and that includes the SD card. At 4:14am my entire Treo 650 is automagically backed up without any interaction from me. If you have to do a full restore because your mission critical data is corrupted or forever lost in the ether, BackupMan will bring you back down to earth by giving you back what you created, researched, wrote and stored.

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