The tagline for this blog used to be just Rendering Meaning in the City Core and this week I changed it to read… Where Blood & Bone Render Meaning in the City Core …and some have asked why I made that change. I came to realize this week that a successful blog, if it is to have meaning beyond the self, must in some way speak personally to you, the reader, in a genuine manner.

Fakery is easily spotted and rightly loathed. There is no where to hide in the ether of the internet. It isn’t enough to post blind “MasterBlogging” ramblings and hope they dream into something greater with form somewhere else.

Blogging, at its center, demands a commitment of time, energy, passion and an appetite for magnitude in order to engage bodies beyond pixels and sidebars. BlogMasters achieve that engagement by leaving breadcrumbs of ourselves behind in messages with the lingering hope someone will follow and leave breadcrumbs of their own in the returning wake.

Human breadcrumbs, like the one you are eating now, are of Blood & Bone — the eternal and the fleeting — for bone is forever and blood dies the moment it breaches the promise of your skin.

To provide the everlasting and the instant in the same moment is a moral obligation each of us as BlogMasters must honor every day in every message in order to provide movement beyond the genuine and into the human.

If we are talented enough to leave a few moments of nourishment behind, we will have successfully raked a tiny rasp against the mantle of our inevitable demise.


  1. to blog per chance to Dream. to partake of life and deliver same in word and deed. to give meaning to the mundane and daily lives of our being. to free souls, to inspire those left behind or not in reality. to free minds and make them think. to dictate truth.
    to blog. per chance to see.

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