The Review: Paying for Google Play Music All Access

I have not been been much of a fan of Google’s play into music — but today, I think I might just change my mind with my new “Google Play Music All Access” subscription.  The new service is an odd dog, to be sure, but it seems to be worth both its bark and its bite so far.

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Failure of The Voice in Season Two

Last year, I really enjoyed the debut of The Voice on NBC.  I thought it was a fresh approach to music and we needed that respite from the drudgery of American Idol.

It’s that time of the year again and both Idol and The Voice are back and competing for eyes and ears and I am disappointed to report that, so far, The Voice has lost its magic in its insipid ordinariness and predictability.  What used to be unique and fun has now become a bit of a bore fest.

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Grammar For the Birds

As a child I would listen with joy to the calls of the different birds that lived in my Princeton Junction, New Jersey neighborhood. Sometimes when I was walking home from school or the pool I would hear a bird singing to another bird and try to imitate the call, hoping to get some kind of response from another bird. I suppose I must have been doing it wrong because I never got any sort of answer from other birds. Now it looks like studies are showing the reason for my lack of answer may have just been poor grammar on my part. Grammar — in a bird call? Absolutely, according to a seemingly unnecessary study by Kentaro Abe of Kyoto University in Japan.

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The Google Music Beta Tutorial

Yesterday afternoon, I was delighted to open my Inbox to find this glorious invitation to join the Google Music beta!  Google Music is a cloud storage locker for music you already own.  You must upload all your music to the Google servers to have Google then stream it back for you at your convenience.  There is not currently a way to purchase music from Google and have it stored in your locker.  The service is currently free, but you are limited to storing 20,000 songs.  I clicked on the “Get Started” button to begin my musical Google journey!

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Memories of June 11, 1994

I have lots of strong and positive memories tied to the date June 11, 1994. This is despite the fact that I do not recall anything about the date itself. Rather, it is all to do with a cassette tape I received in the mail in the spring of 1995 that changed my life for the better and has been with me in one form or another since then.

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The Album as Storytelling Device

Individual songs often can serve to tell a story — good or bad. Cream played a song called Crossroads, later widely covered by Phish — it was based on the story of how Robert Johnson got to be great at playing the guitar after meeting the devil at a crossroads and selling his soul.

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A Bob Dylan Christmas

Our beloved Bob Dylan is releasing his first Christmas album on October 13, 2009.  Bob is our rock, our touchstone, and the magical mind that took folk music from acoustic and into the wired sound of really rolling rock.

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