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iTunes Shall Be DRM Free

Yesterday’s rather boring Macworld Expo did have one good glimmer of freedom:  iTunes will no longer protect its music with the awful DRM that I hateDigital Rights Management was a golden goose egg that arrived too late and under-cooked.  I was pleased with the announcement that iTunes music would finally belong to those that bought it because that’s the way it was always supposed to be:  Only the container changed. When I jumped into the iTunes store to upgrade my 4,000 song strong iTunes-purchased library, I was met with this offer to upgrade:  $270.84USD for 1,304 total songs.  I clicked that “BUY” button and the download parade began.  Almost.

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Top 10 Songs of All Time

Here are the Top 10 Songs of All Time. Preference is given to lyric depth, memorable melody, re-recording by other singers and sustained length of cultural significance in order to become a classic in the American mainstream mind. 

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