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The Failure of Unceasing Applause

Can there be a deadly condition of “too much applause” that is bad for the body and damaging to the community whole?  Is it more cruel to sit on your hands and withhold applause — or is it better to applaud to show support and how well mannered you are no matter who or what or why your hands are making sound against each other?

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The Perils and Pleasures of HDTV

High Definition Television — HDTV — has been available for several years in the USA and in February 2009 all broadcast television stations will be required by federal law to broadcast their signal in HDTV.  If you haven’t yet tasted HDTV with your drooling eyes — just wait!  HDTV is coming soon to a television near you and the definition is superb and sparkling.

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Extinguishing the 2008 Olympic Beijing Flame

The Olympic flame is trying to fire its way to Beijing, China for the 2008 games.  It seems, however, there are some people who wish to douse the symbolic fire to protest the lack of human rights in China.

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Oh Noes, O.J.!

Double murderer O.J. Simpson is back in the news making an unwelcome return to using his parsing of words to point the blame, not at himself, but rather at others he feels unduly influence him.

It is fascinating to watch Simpson skate and dance and prevaricate his way out of a mess while he celebrates his return to the public eye.

I fear we will never be without O.J.’s influence because he knows how to take advantage of shared semiotics and the duality of semantic communication to better only his selfish ends in life and, I believe, his self-enrichment will continue to strangle us beyond his death and into our graves.

O.J. Simpson has marked us all in the eye and ear for all of eternity and we are all the worse for his wearing.

When Boots Break Skaters

Figure Skating is the most popular Winter Olympic sport and no other sport so quickly and purposefully maims its talented young.
The Wall Street Journal detailed the evisceration of young skating talent because the 50-year old skate boot was not created to service the new gymnastic jumping required in modern Figure Skating. Figure Skating is an — old time — sport where suffering and overcoming is given greater value than a skater’s safety and comfort.
Michelle Kwan is an unfortunate prime example of this disconnect between outdated technology crushing unbridled talent. 

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UCDavis Sports Medicine Visiting Professorship

I am pleased to inform you from Friday to Tuesday I will be in California as a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Davis in their fine Program in Sports Medicine.

UCDavis logo
UCDavis Sports Medicine logo

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