The Chuck Review

Since 2007, my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the NBC cult favorite television dramedy Chuck, starring Zachary Levy as the titular character. For most of its existence it has struggled to stay on the air with at least one fan launched campaign to save the show from cancellation. I have to admit right up front that this is more of a retrospective than a standard review. In a more standard review, the show has more or less just started and the review has much to do not just with what has been on the show but what could be — and what kind of future the show might have. I have been meaning to review Chuck for awhile but it never happened — and now that the show is coming to a swift end soon, it behooves me to look back and think about the show that was and a few places where the show went not quite right.

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Microsoft and the NSA and the Texas Cryptology Center

Total Information Awareness is now possible thanks to Microsoft and the NSA’s new Texas Cryptology Center in San Antonio, Texas:

No longer able to store all the intercepted phone calls and e-mail in its secret city, the agency has now built a new data warehouse in San Antonio, Texas,” writes author James Bamford in the Shadow Factory, his third book about the NSA. “Costing, with renovations, upwards of $130 million, the 470,000-square-foot facility will be almost the size of the Alamodome. Considering how much data can now be squeezed onto a small flash drive, the new NSA building may eventually be able to hold all the information in the world.” …

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China Kills a Spy

Sometimes, being a spy — or just being accused of spying — can lead to a quick and immediate death:

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The Invisible New York City Spy Chopper

As you walk the streets of New York, someone is watching you from above — and it isn’t the FDNY Firefighter Spies.  You can’t see them, but they can see you.  You don’t know where they are — but they are always… there.  Right there:

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