Sometimes, being a spy — or just being accused of spying — can lead to a quick and immediate death:

The grieving family
of a medical scientist executed by China for allegedly spying for
Taiwan said Saturday they had been “comforted” by the US and EU
condemnation of the act. Wo Weihan, 59, was put to death on Friday,
prompting strong criticism from Brussels and Washington officials who
had appealed to China to spare his life.
Wo’s daughter Ran Chen said the family was grateful that “people all
over the world have thought about him.”

most important (thing) for us to see is the support we have received
from the European Union and the US, because we got a lot of support
which really gives us the feeling that my father was not alone in his
death,” she said.

Does China have the inalienable right
to determine guilt based on assumptions — or should a greater and more
careful humanity be forced into their system of surveilling the