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An Apple Through the Windows: My MacBooks Review

Last week in my article, MacBook Questions from a Windows Heathen, I asked some questions about the new MacBook line of laptops from Apple computing. I have been using Windows computers since the rise of Windows 3.11.

My previous experience with Apple has been limited to the first generation Newton which I loved so much that Apple used a quote of mine in a press conference but without attributing it to me or asking my permission. I had posted on a CompuServe forum explaining why the Newton was “touching the future today.”

I believed in that technology then and the Apple Newton set the stage and started the trend for personalized, portable computing now. I have also used a first generation iPod and I have used iTunes and QuickTime.

I don’t know much about Apple computers so if there are some things in this review you do not understand or that are wrong, please let me know. After using the MacBook for a couple of days, my plan was to make a permanent move away from Windows and become a MacBoy today and forever. I will let you know my decision about moving from Windows to Mac at the conclusion of this article.

One of the great things about the new Intel-powered MacBooks is you can dual boot into Windows and Mac OS X on the same machine so you, in theory anyway, do not have to make a choice of Operating System preference.
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Tony Puts Us All in a Coma

Last Sunday’s episode of The Sopranos was the worst in recent memory because it was uncharacteristically static and boring.
There is nothing worse to watch in any sort of drama than a person talking on and on — especially talking to someone who does not respond — because that kind of monologue drains all the energy and tension from the show. 

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Haunted by the Tragedy of Wendy

Today I am haunted by yesterday and the tragic death of Playwright Wendy Wasserstein. She died of lymphoma at the age of 55. Her sister died of breast cancer at 60. Wendy, unmarried, left behind a six-year-old daughter named Lucy Jane who was born three months premature and weighed 1-pound, 12-ounces at birth.

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United Stage Russian Plays Download

As President of The United Stage, one of the joys of my job is to support both foundling and professional Playwrights who wish to direct their own plays.

As an online United Stage feature, we offer any Playwright the ability to upload plays for others to read and for everyone to download new plays from Playwrights you might not yet know.

I invite you today to go to the United Stage Plays Download Site to discover the new work of some outstanding Playwrights across the world.

Our latest Playwright offering is from “Churyahin.” Churyahin is a Russian Playwright born into a military prosecutor’s family (Novosibirsk, 1955) who graduated from the Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Gold (Krasnoyarsk, 1977) and earned an approved a doctorial dissertation (Novosibirsk, 1983). Churyahin currently works as a lecturing professor in the area of mathematical modeling at the Siberian Aerospace University (Krasnoyarsk).

A Racist Strike in the Name of Rosa Parks

The New York City transit strike was about one thing and one thing only: Racial Hatred. If we had a Black or Latino mayor no strike would have been called. Time and again the Transit Workers and their minority leadership said the strike was about “respect and dignity” and neither of those terms have anything to do with salary or health and pension benefits. The transit workers’ strike against the City of New York was Racist and rotten at its core. Respect and dignity, in the sense the union was referencing, is a street term and not an intellectual argument for higher wages.

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Virtual Relationshaping

We have been discussing the idea of living online in Virtual Plantations and we have explored how opportunities can arise from interactions on blogs.

Now I would like to expressly focus on the human interaction that forms our virtual lives. I call this idea: Virtual RelationShaping.

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