Steve Jobs and On Being Teachable

A good friend of mine, who happens to be in his late 80’s — or his “Pre-Nineties” as he sometimes fondly proclaims — has been a lifelong educator.  He is responsible for helping form many genius minds.  As he eases into the final stage of his life, he has had to have some physical therapy to help him walk again.  After his most recent round of therapy, his physical therapist told him to tell his doctors that he’s “has better balance now, has more strength now and can walk better now than ever before!”  That was joyous news to my friend, but the biggest compliment was yet to come when his therapist added, “You’re teachable!  You’re almost 90 years old and you’re still teachable!”

What a moment that was for my friend.  After a 60-year teaching career, the teacher was still “teachable” and in the afterglow of having that terrific story shared with me, my mind turned to Steve Jobs who had just died.  Was Steve Jobs teachable?  Or did he think he knew more than his doctors?

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The Lesson in Steve Job's Death: Be Smarter than Steve Jobs in Life

The veneration of Steve Jobs is over and now the hack jobs and the jealous nellies are coming out from cover to scurry about and degrade the name of the man and his legacy.  Sure, Steve was prickly and sometimes unkind — but that was the price of his magic — and the man repeatedly put himself and his vision on the line and found massive success.

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Totems of Sorrow: The 14th Street Apple Store Street Memorial to Steve Jobs

Early Friday morning, David and I journeyed into Manhattan from our home in Jersey City to get our 24″ Apple Cinema Display repaired under our AppleCare warranty. The car service cost us $80 for a 20 minute ride that felt like we were on a bucking bronco, but made it we did.  We were so early for our 9:15am Genius Bar appointment that we had to wait outside the 14th Street Apple Store for it to open.

We took turns holding the heavy Cinema Display, and since it was the morning after Steve Jobs’ death, we were surprised to see the impromptu memorials to him from Apple fans that were plastered on the store windows and decorating the ground around the entrances.  I pulled out my broken, but still trusty, iPhone 3G — yes, we successfully ordered two Verizon iPhone 4s on Friday before we went to the store — and took a few pictures of the way people memorialized Steve Jobs.

There were lots of flowers and partially eaten apples.  Candles, too.  Some thank you cards were visible and lots of newspapers and handwritten thanks we piled up.  It was really touching.  Lots of people were taking pictures of these totems of sorrow.  The time for feeling sad was done.  Now was the time for others, like me, to record the heartbreak of what happened the night before.

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The Morning of the Day Steve Jobs Died, Apple Support Did the Right Thing

Steve Jobs died yesterday at 56, and while I am terribly saddened by his passing, I can’t get over the feeling of euphoria I had earlier in the day with AppleCare support before he died.  Perhaps Steve’s greatest legacy is the people he led and then left behind to help us find our way in his absence.

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My Successful Stellar Upgrade to OS X Lion

I started out my online life as a Windows fanatic.  Then, a few years ago, I became a Mac Fanboi.  I have given over my entire technological life to SuperGenius SuperStar Steve Jobs — not Apple, Steve Jobs — and he controls my iPad and iPhone and AirPort and MacBook, and my daily happiness by default, and I just sit idly by and enjoy the fruit of his labor.  I do worry about his demise, though, because I think Apple is Steve Jobs, not the other way around.  Yesterday, I dutifully took the $30.00USD plunge and upgraded my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook to OS X Lion, and the process was clean, transparent and simple.  I love my Mac!

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Steve Jobs Does a Job on Reading

Steve Jobs is a cranky genius. 

After this year’s Macworld Expo failed to ignite the Apple stock price upward or to recreate the same sort of feverish buzz of last year’s Macworld introduction of the iPhone, Jobs decided to strike back against reading to salve his wounds:

Today he [Jobs] had a wide range of observations on the industry, including the Amazon Kindle book reader, which he said would go nowhere largely because Americans have stopped reading.

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

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