I started out my online life as a Windows fanatic.  Then, a few years ago, I became a Mac Fanboi.  I have given over my entire technological life to SuperGenius SuperStar Steve Jobs — not Apple, Steve Jobs — and he controls my iPad and iPhone and AirPort and MacBook, and my daily happiness by default, and I just sit idly by and enjoy the fruit of his labor.  I do worry about his demise, though, because I think Apple is Steve Jobs, not the other way around.  Yesterday, I dutifully took the $30.00USD plunge and upgraded my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook to OS X Lion, and the process was clean, transparent and simple.  I love my Mac!

The longest part of the upgrade process was downloading the files from the App Store.  The download and installation took about an hour.

Last week, I received notifications from Final Draft and Quicken that I had to upgrade my software if I planned to upgrade my OS to Lion.  Final Draft was a simple download and update.  Quicken was a little tricksier.  I was using Quicken 2006 — I have simple financial needs and I like to keep my own records and not download them from my bank — so I have been a happy “Rosetta” user of Quicken for many years.  My Quicken upgrade notice told me I had to purchase Quicken Essentials for $25.00USD if I wanted to continue to use Quicken under Lion.  I did want to keep using Quicken, so I finally pulled the upgrade trigger.  When I first considered upgrading to Quicken Essentials six months ago, the price was $50.00USD.  Waiting until the last moment to upgrade saved me 50% off the price.

When Lion restarted, I was told my system had three incompatibilities and that they had been disabled: the SRS iWOW audio plugin for iTunes, my AT&T Laptop Connect card and something called “Air Display.”  I deleted the SRS software.  I haven’t had my AT&T card for at least two years.  Since I didn’t remember was Air Display was — I think it had to do with my iPhone — I felt happy and content that I wouldn’t be missing anything at all with my Lion upgrade.

There was a strange problem with my mouse and scrolling that I quickly fixed — I think it’s a feature and not a bug — and I don’t like the new F4 interaction at all.  Lion is fast.  Everything responds quicker and better.  My internet connection has never been more robust.  I feel like I have a whole new computer.

My Lion experience after a full day’s work is a blinding success.  I only wish it had happened sooner.


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