Cracking the Fiery Core: We are Not What We Have

How many of us live to be defined by our possessions?  How many of us find value only in what we have achieved and won and coveted?  I wrote about this nagging issue of human governance on November 22, 2006 — “Worthy of History: Only Expensive Things Survive” —

The perversion of the historical accuracy of how our ancestors lived, and how we currently live, is created by preserving only expensive possessions — tokens, icons, valuables – and in the purposeful construction of indestructible architectural monuments used by the privileged few.

History is skewed by this preservation technique because it only pretends to tell future generations how people actually lived. When we visit museums we are only seeing what the powerful majority of the culture of that time deemed important enough to save and pass down.

We only get to know what they thought was worth saving and inevitably those things are the expensive, the pretty, the unique and the tokens of the wealthy. Even pioneer and Native American museum dioramas are idealized with hardy items and the most beautiful things. The ordinary is forsaken for the power of the inherent value in the preservation of the perceived best.

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Finally Dumps the Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has finally — in the public positing of her invisible rising — become herself.  She has dropped the silly “Lady Gaga” 24-hour performance persona in favor of a refreshing hyperrealism that is not only appealing, but necessary to the forward advancement of her musical career.

I understood why Stefani felt it was necessary to wear big sunglasses and dress outrageously in meat clothes as a new musical performer.

She was talented, and could sing, but talent alone doesn’t always win over the media.  Wild behavior gets attention, and so Stefani purposefully dressed as outrageously as she could to get noticed — even tempting a gender change to pull in headlines and eyes.

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Dog Poop and Staple Girl

Teaching can be treacherous if you don’t understand right from the start that your job is to facilitate discussions and get out of the way of the real teaching going on between students. Today, I am reminded of one student who taught me the power of a simple staple.

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American Idol Tune Dropping and Tone Deafness

I am a big fan of American Idol, but I cannot get over the fact that so few of the contestants that make it to Hollywood can carry a tune and how so many contestants — and fans! — are tone deaf.

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After The Beginning

by Steve Gaines

the beginning…
was my first adventure
gone fishing with a home made pole
and a bent pin hook…
in the spring of nineteen thirty-nine

for the first time out on my own
far far away from home…
in the back yard by the little stream
running its way toward tomorrow…..

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