From Moonbeam to Sunburn

The sun is danger and invective. The moon is hope and narcissism. We turn our eyes to the moon, and we see a man staring back; we turn our heads to the sun and are blinded by the daring. The moon soothes. The sun punishes. The moon beams and becomes us. The sun burns and loathes us. We have dipped a human toe in moon dust. We have now, finally, eyed the fiery sun, up close, but through a glass darkly.

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Nothing Good Under the Sun

The sun is not good for you.  At one time, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, a tan was stylish and chipper.  No longer.  Sun on your skin is your enemy and the enemy of your children and your pets.  You must fight the sun to the death before the sun kills you first.  Several years ago I had a red mark under my left eye.

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