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Trouble With Technology

Technology can be a really wonderful thing – it can make our lives easier and help us do things a lot faster than if we were just sitting around with sticks and stones. The trouble with technology, however, is when it doesn’t work – as you shall see from the following ongoing ordeal that I have been having trying to get a decent quality printout. Sometimes sticks break your bones and stones shatter your spirit.

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How to Provide Online Tech Support

I have been living online full time since 1992 orTech Support Online! so and on and off many years before that using the old interactive text menu version of CompuServe.

I have provided online end user support for Toshiba and ClubIE and ClubWin.

I have done a lot of Tech Tutoring.

I provide volunteer support for my students, family, friends, and strangers and here are the truths I have learned when it comes to providing Technical Support in an Online setting.

These truths were learned in many places over many years.

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Fragging Iomega Tech Support

I fell prey to a fantastic and colorful email advertisement from Iomega on Tuesday night. I was successfully enticed to purchase their brand-new 400gig Firewire/USB external hard disk drive. I am working on a lot of projects right now that require huge image files and having a place to store them off my main system is a dream, I thought, that would finally come through with this fine Iomega purchase. I paid $380 for the drive plus $30 for FedEx Next-Day shipping. I was about to be wallowing in gigabyte bliss! The order was processed on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday at 10:00am. When I opened the box I was pleased to find a welcoming, hot pink, instruction sheet with a 2004 Copyright inviting me to call, toll-free, if I had any technical problems with the drive. Continue reading → Fragging Iomega Tech Support