The Adele 21 Review

I am completely and totally in love with Adele — in the most honorable and humanistic way — and it is my delight to review her latest 21 album.  Yes, Adele is a SuperGenius SuperStar from the UK and, yes, she is only 22 years old.  Her voice is a throaty, smoky, raspy mix of the Bluesy heartache made famous by Fiona Apple, Rihanna and Janis Joplin.

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Talent Develops Talent

Here’s an eyeful of words for you to wonder on today:  “Talent to know the talent has the talent to develop the talent.”  My explanation and exploration follows.

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Imagination and Suicide

I was watching a documentary the other day and an inspired thought was brought forth by a person being interviewed.  He claimed the leading cause of suicide in small towns is due to a lack of imagination.

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Reversing the Knurl: A Talent for Untying

Everyone can tie a knot — even if you’ve never tied one before:  Take two loose ends and twist.

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Cancel American Idol

We previously loved American Idol 8, but now that we’re down to the nut of it, we realize the show is fatally flawed.  American
Idol has become Karaoke with the worst singers.  The contestants are
painful to listen to and when they get eliminated the show drags on and
on and on…

Drawing Doctors

Here’s an anatomical drawing of a colon from a medical school student:

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How to Become Immortal

While it is inhuman to want for immortality — that impossible task is now possible if you have the right tangent and talent.

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