Abuse of a Two Finger Test

When someone breaks into your home and steals from you, you have much evidence that a crime was committed — the broken door, the mess made by the criminal would make it evident. When it comes to the extremely vile crime of rape, however, it is considerably more difficult to prove that anything happened and it often comes down to the word of the victim against the person or people being accused of the crime. What seems even worse than this, however, is when the victim is forced to prove that the crime took place through humiliating tests — such as the so called ‘two-finger’ test that currently is employed in India for many women who have undergone the worst sort of abuse.

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Get Your Google Wave Invitation Here!

I was thrilled to find a Google Wave invitation waiting for me this morning in my Inbox!  I was a little disappointed I didn’t get into the first round of public beta testing.  I was certain I had goofed up my application by thinking Wave was a reinvention of Sites instead of a rebirth of email.  Here’s the evidence, though, that I must have done something right to get in on the second Google Wave!

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The Via Starbucks Review

As a confirmed caffeine addict, I do loves my coffees.  While I have enjoyed my elitist machine-ground coffee beans in the past, I am now a lifelong member of the Instant Coffee Brigade.  I was born on Taster’s Choice, bred by Medaglia D’Oro — and I’m now swimming in the newest “Via” instant taste treat from Starbucks.

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Shoot Your Spit to Save Your Wad

There’s a new — virtually instant — HIV test that only needs 20 minutes and the spit from your mouth to determine if you’re infected or not.  Blood is out.  Spit is in.  Shooting your wad has met its salvation in saliva.

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Help Test Book Beta Dot Com

I am currently beta testing “Microsoft Live Essentials” where you can manage a business and its employees and projects online in a sophisticated and serious manner.

Microsoft Office Essentials Live Beta

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Good News on the Avian Flu

Quest Diagnostics, headquartered in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, is the largest clinical lab in the United States and they have created a new screening test to detect the Avian Flu.

That means we now have a rapid way to find out if a person is sick with “regular flu” or the more deadly Avian Flu. The test uses gene based screening that will identify the H5N1 strain of Influenza A virus (the Avian Flu) via respiratory (lungs, breathing, etc.) samples from sputum (spit, mucus, etc.), swabs and bronchial washes.