As a confirmed caffeine addict, I do loves my coffees.  While I have enjoyed my elitist machine-ground coffee beans in the past, I am now a lifelong member of the Instant Coffee Brigade.  I was born on Taster’s Choice, bred by Medaglia D’Oro — and I’m now swimming in the newest “Via” instant taste treat from Starbucks.

Yes, Starbucks is now in the instant coffee business and it’s a smart and clever move that will dramatically extend their reach into your home cupboard and office drawer.

Instead of selling hot coffee, Starbucks can now sell the essence of their brand in coffee we “brew” at home with a splash of hot water. 

We no longer have to stand in line in public or mess with cleaning up coffee grounds in private — because Via lets us have that Starbucks taste and experience without the hassle.

Via went national yesterday and Janna grabbed a box of 12 cups of the Italian Roast.  We tried it.  We liked it.  We’re still drinking it.

Via is pretty good.  There’s no bitterness and the brew tastes great and the caffeine buzz is even stronger and better — if you use two Via packets instead of one. 

Don’t let the notion of “instant is always bad” belay you from giving Starbucks Via a swallow — or two — you won’t regret the trial and you might even grow to love the taste as we have.


  1. Elizabeth tells me that at Starbucks (she works there now) they insist on calling it ReadyBrew — not instant. 🙂 I love the new Via though I have had it a few times thanks to family and friends in Seattle who were in the test market. I should write my own review with my background as a barista 🙂

  2. Ha! Now that’s a laugher, Gordon. “ReadyBrew” is a “tee-hee” moment if I ever heard one. Starbucks needs to get a little less fancy and a tad more real and they’d fare much better in the marketplace. Via is great, but I don’t think we’ll buy another box. It’s still packaged, priced and sold as a boutique coffee and not an every day, all day, extravaganza. We’d definitely love to get some barista articles from you!

  3. I’ll let everyone know now — I will never buy it — unless it happens to be on clearance. Otherwise, it’s up to Elizabeth if she wants to be nice enough to get me a box. It is definitely not an every day thing — it is meant to be used when you’re on the road — hence Via. 🙂

  4. That’s an interesting take, Gordon. You’d think Starbucks would want you to use Via when you’re at home and an actual Starbucks store when you’re on the road! No wonder the company is upside down!

  5. Well the thing is, David — this is information I have gotten from partners — they know that sometimes (believe it or not) you are on the road and there is no Starbucks around. For those times, you have Via! That is why the packets are so small and easy to tote around.

  6. Gordon —
    The packaging of the coffee isn’t that new, is it? Individual servings of Crystal Light and Splenda Flavored Coffee have been in those pouches for many years now.

  7. True, true. I just wanted to emphasize that the packaging, in its own right, implies its function 🙂 (I wish it were more environmentally friendly — if the packaging were biodegradable, that would be ideal.)

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