It never gets old catching Copyright infringers and yesterday was no exception.  There is a sheer disgust and yet also a shared, Panopticonic, delight in catching another website red-handed copying and pasting and re-publishing your writing without your permission.

Here is my original article from Go Inside Magazine published nine years ago:

Here is the copied and pasted and re-published-without-permission version.

Notice how the GO Inside Magazine was logo removed, along with the hotlink to my email address?  A background graphic was also added to the page:

There is a visceral vileness in the base deceit of the act and I could spend most of my days ferreting out content that I have written that has been stolen and re-published elsewhere.

I heard from Rob this morning and he had no idea how my content was re-published on his website.  He told me he would remove my article later in the day.  I replied I was writing about the infringement today; but even publishing this article of discovery doesn’t really make up for nine years of thievery. 


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