If we believe in a criminal justice system, then Roman Polanski must pay for his crime against an underage girl.

For 31 years, Polanski has been living the high life beyond the long arm of American law enforcement and his recent capture and arrest in Switzerland is an important event that demonstrates the lingering sting of justice delayed is justice denied.

Polanski pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl and then escaped from the United States before sentencing.

The fact that Polanski continued to make movies — and even win an Academy award — while on the run, is disgusting beyond measure on every human level.

When Hollywood leaps to defend Polanski’s indefensible behavior and his illegal flight from doing the right thing, we are left to shudder in the shared lack of values of elitist entertainers and their immoral minority.  Their shockingly skewed mores are precisely what turns the stomachs of so many law-abiding citizens.

Cowards deserve their earned punishment and no exceptions, under any circumstance, should be made for Polanski and his confessed crime.  Bring him back to America and sentence him to hard time for his crime then and his ongoing refusal to pay with his own skin for his continued bad behavior above the law.


  1. I only found out about his crime about a decade ago, after I had seen a film he had directed. I couldn’t believe he was allowed to continue making films like that.

  2. He’s celebrated, Gordon! It is so incomprehensible, it makes your head spin. I don’t care if his victim now forgives him or not. She was 13 when it happened. He still has yet to answer for his crime against her.

  3. He better pay, David. Don’t like him much. He might direct good but he is bad man. He’s in jail now being held. Probably more than he’ll get in USA.

  4. Anne! It’s so good to have you back with us. It is sort of funny that Polanski is doing more time in jail in Sweden than he ever did in the USA for his crime, eh? Long live the long arm of justice!

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