This is the tale of two daughters — each born of rocker passion and into money.  In the same week, one daughter accused her dead father of having sex with her for a decade while the other found her own footing and became a star in her own standing.

is a certain reprehensibleness in Mackenzie Phillips’ charges of sexual
molestation long after the death of her father.  The dead have no
defense against a lie and the mouldering cannot make an exception
against an accusation — so why bother digging up the spirit of the
dead only to kill the memory a second time in public?

Kelly Osbourne — known only for her potty mouth
and horrible attitude of entitlement — became a real human being this
week on Dancing with the Stars as she graced her way into our American
consciousness with a style and beauty we didn’t know she had.

Osbourne can dance — and we’re quite certain she also has some deep,
dark, secrets fed during her term of growing up — and yet we hope
Kelly keeps dancing forward into the light instead of looking back to
the grave for exoneration and for confirmation of a lonesome infidelity
in the living.