Spader Owns the Office

Yesterday, good news broke that the brilliant and SuperGenius actor James Spader will be taking a major role on The Office to help replace the “loss” of the awful Steve Carell.  Carell played a bully role into a miasmatic “We’ll Miss You Forever, Michael!” character — destroying all the rotten goodness of the entire premise of the show.  With Spader in tow, the show can finally revert to its original needles and pins premise of working for a slightly creepy wacko.

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The Parks and Recreation Review

When I hear that a television show is getting a spin-off, I am usually apprehensive. This was especially the case when I read online that the producers of The Office were planning on making a spin-off featuring the character of Karen as played by Rashida Jones. My first thought was not good — how were they going to make yet another “mockumentary” show that would not basically be like watching another half hour of The Office? It was announced not long after this that the show was being retooled. It would not be at all related to The Office but would still be based on the same style. Elizabeth and I decided to try it to see if we would like it.

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Why the Office Should Die: Ten Sentence Story #116

Every funnyman should know when to give up the clown nose and the baggy-pants, exaggerated, expression; every television comedy should know when it’s time to change the channel, dig its own grave, and leap in for the dirt covering.

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