Every funnyman should know when to give up the clown nose and the baggy-pants, exaggerated, expression; every television comedy should know when it’s time to change the channel, dig its own grave, and leap in for the dirt covering.

The Office is old and tired and needs to be retired.

Steve Carell has overstayed his welcome with his preening, egoistic, man-baby-as-office-manager — and while replacing him would be easy — the rest of the mottled cast is staying for the gangrene.

No surgery or amputation can heal the show.

So, Comcast/NBC should pull the power now.

We can live without Pam and Jim.

We don’t need any more Ryan and Kelly scenes.

Let the show finds its place in history with quality of writing and not a saddening longevity.

Overstaying your welcome is bad for houseguests, fresh fish, and dated television sitcoms.

Leave, The Office, while we still respect you, and while you still haven’t yet managed to stink up our living rooms.


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