Megan Fox Has Thumbs, and So Do I

It seems that every day brings us further along the track to being relentlessly inundated with Celebrity Overload. I don’t even want to have to mention a television show with a name like “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” which just further puts a divide between those that are celebrated and those that are not. The last week has brought out a deluge of people who seem to be obsessed with Megan Fox’s thumbs. Specifically, the fact that one of her thumbs seems abnormally large and resembles a man’s toes. This, dear readers, has been captivating the attention of the United States so much that it is actually a top tracker in Google Trends.

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From Ape to Man to God

We share 98% of our DNA with orangutans and lest you think it is our opposable thumb that separates us from apes, think again by taking a look at this thrilling photo of an orangutan hand (left) connecting with a human hand (right) that was published as the photo of the month in Editor & Publisher.

Orangutan and Human Hands

Oh, what a different that 2% makes.

God and Man

Brown Thumbs

by Joyce Kohl

Martha what’s-her-name is on my dislike list along with The Happy Gardener and anyone else who has lovely green plants in and around their homes. The only places I’ve ever seen an abundance of house plants, rose bushes, or beautiful flowers fit to cut for indoor arrangements is in other people’s homes, in magazines, and in seed catalogs.

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