Why, Howard?

Teacher, mentor, friend, and philosopher Howard Stein died two years ago today at the age of 90 — and I still miss him every day — and yet his death strangely seems so far in the past as to be unrecognizable. Because of all the surgical procedures he had at the end of his life, Howard would often refer to himself as the “Frankenstein Monster” held together with stitches and sealing wax.

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The Three-Toothed Monster

Today, I will share with you an everyday horror story: “The Three-Toothed Monster.”

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Unethical American Dentistry Bites Hard

Healthcare in the United States is broken. We have no Universal Healthcare Coverage. Even if you do have insurance that doesn’t mean you’re covered for what ails you. I have discovered you stand a better chance getting your body ethically healed if you have a virus or a heart problem or a bulging hernia — but if what ails you is a broken tooth or aching gums — the chances of you paying big money out-of-pocket, in addition to your 100% coverage, is the smiling monster looming in the gloaming of Unethical American Dentistry.

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The Great American Toothache Diet

I have discovered a way to lose six pounds in three days. The process is simple, if painful, and I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of teeth. I suffer from having a “meat trough.” If you don’t know what it means to have a meat trough, then color yourself lucky and move along! 

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