Jack White and the Triple Inchophone

I’m a huge fan of records in the vinyl format. Well, it seems I have finally hit the mother lode as far as organizations go that are interested in keeping alive the vinyl format and doing wonderful new creative things for it. This organization is the Third Man record label, led by SuperGenius Jack White, founder of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather.

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The Comcast Triple Play Home Run

I was never a fan of cable modem internet service — mainly because you share that copper wire with up to 100 of your neighbors — but I now recant that condition after experiencing the Comcast Triple Play package overt the last three weeks.  I now have superlative broadband internet access, extensive HD cable programming and digital voice telephony.  My internet connection is so fast up and down that even the Speakeasy Speed Test gets whacked trying to make sense of it as you can see below:

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