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We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the domain.  We decided to make the purchase for two reasons:

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Dubya: How to Ruin an Initial

For most of my life I was known as “David Boles” or just “Boles” — because I would never answer to my first name alone because almost everyone I knew in school was also named “David.”  A few years ago, I decided to add my middle initial to separate myself from at least 13 other David Boles people in the world — and the “David W. Boles” was born.

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Celebrating the Sheffield Sound

The other day I watched an incredible documentary, Made in Sheffield, that brought back many of the musical memes and memories of my reckoning youth. What I call “The Sheffield Sound” was a movement in the UK in the ’70’s and ’80’s that changed the music world with the introduction of “synthetic sounds.”

Synthesizers were given priority over the standard musical drive of a lead guitar. David Bowie said the music coming out of Sheffield was “the future of music.” Was David Bowie right? Or did the Sheffield Sound implode in vanished wishes and bitter competition? “The Human League” was the lead “sound” coming out of Sheffield, and of the two versions of the band, one didn’t make any money:

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Hate Mail and Spam

I have decided there is no difference between Hate Mail and Spam. Nobody wants to get either one; they each share the intent to bother and wound; Hate Mail and Spam live to burden and bother.

Do you agree Hate Mail and Spam are the same thing?

If not, what’s the difference between the two?

What is the worst piece of Hate Mail you received?

What was the silliest Spam you found in your Inbox?